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A map of underwater ocean sounds created by commercial ships in the North Atlantic. The darker orange areas are higher levels of noise.

Mapping the Sounds of the Ocean

GIS Contributor

Using arrays of underwater microphones, called hydrophones, scientists can use sound to create images of the environment by converting sound waves to electrical signals. 

An aerial image of a port showing rows and rows of shipping containers. An edge of the ocean is the the left of the containers.

The Many Uses of Aerial Imagery

GIS Contributor

Nearmap's Tony Agresta outlines the many applications of aerial imagery, including assessing damage after a disaster, reducing crime, valuing properties, and more.

A screenshot from the Google Earth web map interface that shows a heart-shaped lake from a satellite image.

The Role of UX and UI in GIS

GIS Contributor

Jeff Siarto of Element 84 discusses with the MapScaping Podcast how design is present and changing in the geospatial industry.

A picture of an arm holding a smartphone against the background of a hilly landscape with a picture of that landscape on the phone.

A Look at 3 Trends Shaping Remote Sensing in the Next 5 Years

GIS Contributor

Ian Berdie of NV5 Geospatial, discusses three trends that will reshape use of remote sensing over the next five years.

Screenshot showing the mask and crop option in the QGIS plugin Mapflow.

AI-assisted Mapping of Crop Fields Using Free Sentinel Imagery

GIS Contributor

Mapflow offers an AI-driven process to map crop fields in QGIS.