A zoning map with yellow, purple, and green areas.

GIS for Local Government With Maptitude: Planning and Zoning


This article explores how to use GIS in local or Municipal Government using Maptitude.

A map showing the area of Spokane Valley in Washington with pastel shades for the land use types.

How to Measure “Land Use Mix” using Entropy in Maptitude


This article discusses Maptitude's "Land Use Mix" add-in. Municipalities utilize land use mix calculations to measure service access.

Map showing trade areas in Illinois based on hotel locations.

How to Measure Hotel Market Share using the Huff Model in Maptitude


Learn how to map hotel market share to measure a city's tourism attractiveness using Maptitude.

Equal Earth map projection with vector country boundaries © Caliper Corporation

Using Map Projections with Maptitude


Stewart Berry discusses how Maptitude works with different map projections.