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Relationship between rates in obesity, diabetes, and percentage of people on restricted sugar diet (US).

Learn about GIS in the Cloud

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GIS technology and processing in the cloud is on the way to becoming the next big trend. The various functionalities of the cloud can be suitably tailored to fit into an organization’s geospatial workflow.

Cloud GIS Service Models

Cloud GIS Terms

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Common GIS cloud related terminology and definitions.

The IBM Ebola tracker.

Empowering GIS with Big Data

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Analysis of Big Data in a geographic context has empowered organizations and businesses faced with huge amount of data and diverse technologies. The integration of maps with multiple layers of information tells the full story behind the data. Trends and patterns are revealed. Queries are answered and new questions are also addressed. At the same time, predictive modeling on massive datasets help drive accurate decision-making, profitability and effective resource management.

Wildfire management project of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo (Tigua Indian Reservation).

How GIS is Being Used to Help Native Americans

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Native Americans use GIS for heritage/environmental protection, economic development, education, health, transportation, land use, and resource management.