These Big Cats Eating Watermelons Leave Plenty of Orts

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Every summer, the Big Cat Rescue organization in Orlando, Florida treats its cats to some refreshing treats.  The watermelons are provided to not only provide a sweet snack for the lions, tigers, leopards, and cougars at the sanctuary but the large balls of fruit provide entertainment.  The watermelon a hunted, batted, and smashed to the ground by the cats.  A few of them enjoy actually eating watermelon.

In the process of all this fun and eating, plenty of orts are created.  Ort is a word that entered the English language around 1325 and means “a fragment of food left over from a meal.”  The noun likely originated from the Middle Dutch word orete , ore meaning “remains of food” or the Middle Low German word for fodder remnants,  ōrt.  

No matter the origin of the word, orts are definitely what are left behind after the cats hunt the watermelons place in the trees and in ponds before smashing the rinds with their powerful teeth.



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