Boomer the Cat is Jejune

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Jejune is an adjective that has developed several meanings over the years.  The word has its origins in the Latin word jejunus which means “fasting”.  Jejune, as a result, can be used to describe food that is devoid of nutritional value to to go without food.  Entering the lexicon around the same time in the early 1600s is also a secondary definition to describe that which is uninteresting, dull, or insignificant.  Lastly, towards the latter half of the 19th century, jejune was adapted to mean childish. This third definition is believed by etymologists to have derived from the mistaken belief that the word is related to the Latin juvenis word for young.

Boomer the cat in his jejune state.
Boomer the cat in his jejune state.

Anybody who has ever felt stifled by boredom can probably relate to the jejune state of Boomer the cat.  As he sits, starting listlessly off into space, his body heaves with one big sigh.  Here’s to more thrilling days ahead, Boomer!




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