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Update: The Women in GIS crowdsourced map effort is still gathering steam.  

Thousands of women in GIS have added their locational information to the map.  The goal is to reach at least 10,000 women currently working in GIS.  

Esri has also joined in to help promote the Making History…GIS and Women mapping effort with a map story.  

From Esri’s David Ashbury:

In honor of Woman’s History Month, Dr. Linda Loubert, an economics professor at Morgan State, created a project to put women who work in GIS on the map. She built a webmap for women to contribute their location, professional association and any other information they want to share.

She expected it to get a few hundred hits just around the US, but it took off and she now has over 4000 contributors from all around the world.

She says: “I started this project as a way to recognize women for the role they play in GIS. Women’s History Month is a great time to show the role that women are playing in one of the STEM fields and to encourage more women to be a part of this great field. I teach GIS to students and I use it in most of my research.”

We helped her create a story map around it and would like to spread this far and wide. We missed International Women’s Day (last Saturday) but still have the better part of the month to promote it.

Original Post:

A map showing the location of women who work in GIS.

A new crowdsourcing effort is calling all Women in GIS:

Please consider helping to spread the word about a nascent effort by Dr. Linda Loubert of Morgan State University. Linda is attempting a crowd sourced map of women in GIS. It would be great to see this map dotted with hundreds of potential role models!

Linda is asking women working with GIS, in the GIS industry, teaching GIS, or GIS student to contribute to a map.  Please share this information with other GIS minded women you know.

To add your information, click Edit, choose the appropriate symbol designation for yourself, and add your dot.

The map is already full of entrants with GIS professionals categorized by their industry (academia, private sector, nonprofit, government, etc.).  

Most of the submissions so far are based in North America (mainly the United States) so it would be nice to see the map filled out for the rest of the world.  

Click on a point to get more detailed information about each GIS woman professional.  The project was launched for Women’s History Month to highlight the women in GIS.

This article was originally published on February 27, 2014 and was last updated on March 26, 2014. 
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  1. This is beautiful. We do have lots of African women in GIS. Thinking of putting up an association for African women in GIS as part of the US women in GIS. Please advise.

    Thank you.

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