Cucumbers Make Cats Nebbish

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Nebbish is a noun meaning feeble or scared of things; timid; meek; and ineffectual. Nebbish is a noun that was common in North American English in the late 1800s and early 1900s after it was adopted from its original roots in the Yiddish language. In Yiddish the word ‘nebekh,’ which meant ‘poor thing,’ became the English word for someone who may be timid or hesitant to interact with others.

Nebbish was most popular in the early 1900s and came from Slavic roots. The Czech word ‘neboh’ means ‘poor, unfortunate, un-endowed’ and originated from the Proto-Slavic word ‘ne-bogu.’

Some of the cats in the following compilation video are nebbish when it comes to certain vegetables. Some cats seem to be nebbish when it comes to cucumbers encroaching on their territory and taking them by surprise. Other cats are not so meek or timid, and simply ignore the cucumbers (much like they ignore their owners trying to take a funny video of them).

Why do cucumbers make cats nebbish?
Why do cucumbers make cats nebbish?

Many animals display nebbish behavior when it comes to objects suddenly appearing where they don’t expect them to. We humans can be nebbish when faced with uncertainty; our personalities could be considered nebbish if we aren’t consistently good at our jobs, if we are shy or meek, or hesitate to speak up about important topics.

Enjoy the following video of nebbish cats, and see which ones fall for the cucumber trick!




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