This Day in Geography: March 27

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Listed here are significant events relating to geography that occurred on March 27. To suggest an event, please fill out the ‘This Day in Geography’ form.


Birth of Charles Joseph Minard, First to Use Pie Charts in Map Format. Charles Joseph Minard (d. October 24, 1870) amassed a hug collection of data charts and visualizations spanning 300 years of European history. Minard was the first to use pie charts in map format. A French engineer by trade, Minard depicted Napoleon’s retreat from Russia and mapped the movement of people and objects around the world. Minard used his skills as an engineer to bring depth and innovation to the maps he created. He often returned to the maps he had made in the past to update them with new information or by using new cartographical methods.

Charles Joseph Minard’s 1858 quantités de viande
Charles Joseph Minard’s 1858 quantités de viande.



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