Find out where you really came from

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The Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation in Salt Lake City is providing free DNA testing for genealogy purposes. The emergence of homo sapiens in Africa 130,000 years ago means that we all may have results that show that your family line begins in Africa and ends up, where? I expect to see that my ancestors all ended up in Great Britain. Results will also report any matches that come up in their database. If you want those people who match you to be able to contact you, there is a box to check to allow that to happen, or your results can be private. Go to to ask for your free kit. The kit contains a small jar of what looks like Scope mouthwash. You rinse your mouth, spit it back in the jar and mail off with a copy of a pedigree chart. The chart consists of your name, your parents names and any other ancestors’ names that you know. This is a great bargain as these tests usually cost anywhere between $160 to $300. The male of the species will receive results from the Y and X, paternal and maternal line. The female will only receive the X, or maternal line.


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