This Fodgel Feline Still Manages to Squeeze Into a Vase

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Fodgel is an adjective used to describe someone who is “fat; stout; plump”.  The word was first recorded in 1724 and its etymology is unknown although it is a variant of fadge meaning a short, fat person.    While current dictionaries define the word purely from a weight point of view, A Dictionary of Lowland Scotch (1888) defines fodgel as someone who is a combination of being fat and good-natured.

In this video, a very rotund tabby is determined to make its way into a ceramic vase.  The fodgel feline seemingly defies reality as it enters the small opening of the vase.  For a few seconds, the cat’s back legs and tail appear stuck outside the vase.  A few subtle adjustments with the body, and the entire cat’s body disappears into the vase must the to amusement of the videographer.



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