Geographic Population Growth by Country

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This guest article is from Matthew Kopjak who takes a look at the U.S Census Bureau’s Population Growth by Country and how he was able to turn it into a easily sortable platform using FindTheBest.  The site also has government data on Agriculture, Airport Crashes, World Trade Commodities.

Comparing Population Growth by Country

The Population Growth by Country tool allows users to filter, sort and compare populations and population predictions of the world by year, age group, total population, population growth, and male/female ratio as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau International Data Base (IBD).  Our platform allows for easy search, filter and comparison features. The technology/programming languages used in the creation of our platform include Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL. The report can also be accessed by clicking on the Source link at the bottom of the database.

The data visualized in this comparison was gathered from the 2010 IDB report.  Brazil vs China vs India vs Japan vs United States provides a side-by-side comparison of various statistics including: Country, Age Group, Year, Total Population, Male & Female Population, % Growth and Ratio of Males to Females. Click visualize in the top left corner to view graph statistics categorized by population and growth. Whether you’re looking to gather information for a research paper, or you’re interested in seeing how the population of your country has fluctuated over the years, this tool can help you sort through Government reports to find the answer.

About the International Data Base

The U.S. Census Bureau completes the IBD report once every 10 years for countries throughout the world.  The open/primary source report was downloaded directly from No one other than the official Government agency (U.S. Census Bureau) is allowed to update/change the data on any of our Government databases including Population Growth by Country. Our database is current and updated as soon as the report is released to the public. The report we downloaded is maintained by the U.S. Census Bureau and the source is included at the bottom of the page.  Additional information including Data Access, Country Rankings, World Population, Methodology, and a Glossary of terms can be found by clicking the Source at the bottom of the page.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau International Data Base (IDB)

“The International Data Base (IBD) provides country rankings and other world population information sources” (


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