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Articles covering issues relating to developing a career in GIS including interview preparation, educational background, and ongoing professional development.

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Mentoring in the Geospatial Industry

GIS Contributor

Opeyemi Kazeem-Jimoh of the Geospatially Africa Podcast spoke to Sharon Omoja, a regional ambassador for Women in Geospatial+  about her personal experience in volunteering and mentoring women in the geospatial industry.

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Enhance Your GIS Opportunities in Africa

GIS Contributor

Olufemi Damilola from Africa GeoConvo Podcast discusses information about employment options as a GIS enthusiast or student, as well as a curated list of African organizations that employ GIS practitioners.

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3 Tips to Help You Get a GIS Promotion

GIS Contributor

This article from Bootcamp GIS provides tips for how to get promoted in GIS.

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Preparing for a GIS Job Interview

Caitlin Dempsey

Navigating the interview process for a GIS position can be challenging due to the field's wide skillset requirements - here are some tips.

The Global River Widths from Landsat (GRWL) Database contains over 58M measurements of planform river geometry. Source: Allen & Pavelsky, 2018.

Securing a Funded GIS Graduate Program

GIS Contributor

Adebowale Daniel and Nnenna Nkata from the AfricaGeoconvo podcast share important information about securing a GIS graduate program.