GIS Industry

Articles about trends and advancements in the geospatial industry.

Visualization of ocean currents off the east coast of the United States.

Mapping Ocean Currents

Mark Altaweel

Mapping ocean currents and understanding how they vary is critical for geographers and scientists, especially as our globe changes.

Spray painted white signed with a Red Cross and blue lettering that says, "You Are Here".

You Are Here: How Google Improves Mobile Location Accuracy

Eric van Rees

Ed Parsons explains how Google continues to innovate in the location technology sector.

A construction worker driving a steamroller.

Remote Monitoring of Construction Using Geospatial Technologies

Mark Altaweel

ConsTrack uses satellite imagery, remote sensing, and machine learning to monitor construction activities.

Midwest streams flow through intensive row cropping

GIS, Spatial Data, and Agroforestry

Mark Altaweel

Geopatial analysis and GIS are crucial tools for assessing the quality and types of landscapes suited for growing various types of vegetation.

Letters cut from a magazine spelling out the word "ethics".

Ethics in GIS

Mark Altaweel

With more ways to gather geospatial data and share that information, ethics has become even more important to consider.