GIS Software

Information about GIS software and applications including both commercial and open source GIS applications. This category covers desktop GIS (Esri’s ArcGIS suite, MapInfo, QGIS, and GRASS) as well as web mapping, GIS apps, mobile GIS, and component GIS.

Thirty Tips and Tricks for Programming in Avenue

Marco Morais

Some tips and tricks for customizing ArcView 3x using Avenue

How to Change Default Directories in ArcView 3x

Caitlin Dempsey

After using ArcView 3x you’ve probably noticed the directory defaults. You can easily change the default temp directory, the first directory ...

How to Run an Excel Macro in ArcView 3x

Caitlin Dempsey

Using Avenue, you can easily run Excel Macros from within ArcView. Difficulty Level: Average    Time Required: 10 minutes Here’s ...

GIS Software Components: Examples Using OpenMap and MapObjects

Marco Morais

The ultimate goal of software components is to fuse the use of different pieces of software into one smoothly operating package.

How to Select Ridgelines From a DEM Using Spatial Analyst

Caitlin Dempsey

Selecting out ridgelines from a DEM using ArcView 3x’s Spatial Analyst extension is pretty straightforward. These steps assume the initial ...