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Caitlin Dempsey


NASA is looking for volunteers to participate in its Fall Cloud Challenge from October 15 to November 15, 2019.  The challenge is open to all ages and requires users to download and install the GLOBE Observer app (alternatively, trained members can submit data via these other data entry options).  The challenge involves photographing clouds and recording sky observations in a step-by-step process using the app during this one-month period.  Users will first input how the sky looks (clear, cloudy, or noticeable contrails), sky color (from deep blue to pale blue), and sky visibility (how clear or hazy is it).  Then users will enter details about clouds and how much cloud cover they can observe.  The third observation is to report on the surface details since it can be difficult to differentiate cloud cover from snow on satellite imagery.  Users can then take a picture of the sky to submit to NASA.  Those that do, can select the option to be notified if their location and picture is matched to a corresponding satellite image.  Users can submit up to ten cloud reports per day during the challenge period. All of the data collected will be used by NASA’s GLOBE Clouds team to study differences in clouds and aerosols.

To learn more and to participate visit:

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