Help Scientists Understand Penguin Populations by Tagging Photos

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Scientists have set up remote cameras across the Southern Ocean in order to monitor penguin colonies.  Through Zooniverse, a crowdsourcing web site has been set up to encourage citizen scientists to tag the tens of thousands of photos:

Penguin populations are declining but the harsh conditions of the Antarctic make monitoring them logistically challenging. Researchers from around the world have established a remote camera network to monitor penguin colonies across the Southern Ocean. By tagging images from these cameras on Penguin Watch, you can help scientists understand how and why penguin populations are declining – and how to best protect them.

Penguins play an important role in the Antarctic ecosystem and are considered sentinels of change – any variations in penguin dynamics may reflect larger changes to the environment. Climate change, fisheries, disease, and pollution are all prime suspects in driving penguin population decline. Penguin Watch will help the researchers understand more.

Users who want to contribute are taken through a short tutorial in order to understand how to individually tag adult penguins, chicks, and eggs from photos taken at nesting sites.  Users should also mark any animals that are near the nesting sites.

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