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In a bid to bring more awareness to climate change, artist Eve S. Mosher is merging geography with art by creating an outdoor installation by using chalk to mark the 10-feet above sea level line in New York.

High Water Line is a public artwork on the New York city waterfront designed to create an immediate visual and local understanding of the affects of climate change. I will be marking the 10-feet above sea level line by drawing a blue chalk line and installing illuminated beacons in parks. This line marks the extent of increased flooding brought on by stronger and more frequent storms as a result of climate change. 

As she states on her blog, determining the line has required a lot of thought on her part:

Since the inception of this project, I have been visualizing drawing the line. I have spent countless hours pouring over maps, and mapping and remapping the line. I have a huge topo map on my wall, lots of different maps on my computer…

Her web site, HighWaterLine, is full of information about the project, quotes about the impact of climate change on sea levels and resources to guide visitors on how they can help make a change.  A Google Mashup of the chalk lines has also been set up.

Marking the high water line in Bristol, 2007.
Marking the high water line in Bristol, 2007.


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