Homeschool Geography

This is the launch page for all homeschool geography resources available on  Listed here is a growing list of resources for teaching your children geography at home.

Geography Lessons

Kindergarten and First Grade

Understanding direction based on the sun: teach children how to use the location of the sun to understand where north, south, east, and west are.

Upper Elementary School (Third Grade to Sixth Grade)

Continents and Population Density: learn about the size and populations of each of the world’s continents.  A basic worksheet for students to identify different continents and calculate population density for each of them.


Outline Maps

  • Coloring Maps – Printable maps that kids can color code for Africa, South America, Europe, the United States and the continents.
  • Free outline maps – Printable maps for the world and the United States in PDF format.  Ideal for printing out for lesson plans.  All maps are blank with labeled and non labeled options.

Map Skills