How long will the North Pole ice cap last?

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Pen Hadow of Vanco Artic Survey hopes to answer that question with the most detailed survey ever of the Arctic ice thickness at the North Pole.  Starting next February 2008, a team of scientists and explorers will undertake a 120 -day, 3,200 mile journey to cross the ice cap.  The team will start in Point Barrow, Alaska and reach the polar cap by June, 2008.  Along the way, over 10 million readings will be taken to determine snow and ice thickness.  Currently, estimates on the melting of the ice cap range from 16 to 100 years.  The readings, taken by radar, will help determine a more accurate assessment of the remaining life of the permanent ice cap of the North Pole. 


Proposed route from Point Barrow to the North Pole


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