How to Explain Hurricanes to Kids

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Hurricanes are frightening events, and the confusions and lack of understanding of what’s going on can add to the stress.  Sesame Street offers a toolkit that comes with videos, tips for parents, and activities to help parents explain the concept of hurricanes to kids (see also the Sesame Workshop page on hurricanes).  The five part video series takes children through the preplanning, during, and post-hurricane recovery process.

Following the video section, there are ten tips for parents to use to help guide their children through the anxiety of being near a hurricane.  Tips include explaining what a hurricane is, comforting and maintaining an ongoing communication, adhering to as normal a schedule as possible, and monitoring media exposure.

At the bottom of the page are some toolkits that parents can access for more guidelines and hurricane related activities.

The Weather Wiz Kids site also has a page on hurricanes for kids.