Human Geography

Human geography is a branch of geography that focuses on the study of the human population and their cultural, economic, and social interactions with the environment. It examines the distribution of human populations across the globe, the impact of human activity on the natural environment, and the ways in which people use and manage natural resources.

Learn about the different areas of human geography including economic geography, population geography, cultural geography, and more.

How Human Actions Change the Physical Environment

Meika Jensen

Human actions can have a profound impact on the environment and topography of an area.

Diagram of the fast carbon cycle shows the movement of carbon between land, atmosphere, and oceans.(Diagram adapted from U.S. DOE, Biological and Environmental Research Information System.)

Various Forms of Carbon Sequestration: Helping the Overloaded Carbon Cycle

Meika Jensen

There are three main ways in which carbon can be removed from the atmosphere: physical processes, chemical processes and biological processes.

Cover for the Plaid Avenger's World book.

Plaid Avenger’s World Geography Book

Caitlin Dempsey

John Boyer created a comic-book style geography book.