Urban Geography

The study of cities and urban processes is the basis of urban geography, a subdiscipline of geography.

A small child riding a kids red play scooter on a sidewalk.

Using GIS to Design Child-Friendly Cities

Mark Altaweel

Using GIS, cities can design child-friendly pedestrian pathways that prioritize children's interests and safety, promoting urban living and sustainability.

A series of maps measuring heat stress and heat risk reduction in a neighborhood in Washington D.C. and the relationship to urban tree cover.

Urban Tree Canopy Affects How Heat Stress Impacts Residents

Mark Altaweel

Minority and low-income neighborhoods have 11% fewer trees, are 1.5°C hotter, and have 14% more impervious surfaces than wealthier, whiter areas.

Top is an aerial of a section of Long Island City and bottom is a city map of the same section from 1879. The historical map has muted pinks and greens for the different areas and show streets and the river.

Lost Underground Rivers

Mark Altaweel

Cities like London and New York City have a long history of paving over rivers.

Hiker walking along a narrow trail in Canyonlands National Park.

What are Desire Paths?

Elizabeth Borneman

As the name implies, desire paths (or social trails) are informal pathways made by pedestrians, cyclists, and animals that carve out more desired routes for passengers.

Photo of the beach at Westward Ho! in England.

Only Two Towns in the World Have an Exclamation in Their Name

Caitlin Dempsey

Only two towns in the world have an exclamation mark as part of their formal names.

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