Hundreds of Thousands of Bats Emerge at the Owl-hoot

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The owl-hoot is an archaic term meaning dusk or nightfall. The word is a hyphenation of owl and hoot (the call of the owl).  It is similar to the term owl-light which also means dusk but also dim or poor light.  While owl-light was first recorded in 1599, owl-hoot is a much later term, first appearing in 1832.

The Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve is a 5,500-acre ranch in Blanco County, Texas.  The Chiroptorium is a bat cave built on the preserve to house Mexican Free-tailed Bats.  The artificial bat cave is now home to a few hundred thousand bats.  A dusk, these bats emerge, an event that takes over 30 minutes each evening.

This video shows just what it looks like when hundreds of thousands of bats emerge at the owl-hoot from their cave:



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