Introduction to QGIS Python Programming

Caitlin Dempsey


Anita Graser, who was profiled a few years back on GIS Lounge for her work in the open source GIS arena, has started a tutorial series aimed at teaching users with no programming background how to get started with using Python in QGIS (PyQGIS).  Python is a popular scripting language and is used across a broad range of GIS software including QGIS and ArcGIS.  As Graser explains, “Python is a great versatile programming language that is widely used in the GIS world and beyond. Knowing how to program will enable you to be more efficient by automating workflows and making your work reproducible.

To help users get acquainted with Python, her tutorials assume no previous programming knowledge.  Graser’s tutorial series is a work in progress and new tutorials will be added in the future on a rolling basis.

Visit: PyQGIS 101: Introduction to QGIS Python programming for non-programmers

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