Map of Where Gender Pronouns Don’t Exist

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About 68% of the world’s languages sampled in an interactive available from the World Atlas of Language Structures don’t have a gender specific pronouns.  254 of the 378 mapped languages in the interactive map don’t use “he” or “she” but instead used a gender neutral pronoun when referring to persons.

Only about 30% of the sample languages used gender specific pronouns.  The greatest concentration of languages with gender in personal pronouns is found in Africa.  According to linguist Siewierska (1955 – 2011), the other major geographic area where gender in personal pronouns is common is Eurasia and especially Europe.

Visit: Gender Distinctions in Independent Personal Pronouns



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The World Atlas of Language Structures Online.  Leipzig: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.  (Available online at, Accessed on 2014-10-12.)

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