Mapping University Plans for Fall 2020

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With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full force, universities and colleges across the United States have been coming up with different strategies towards balancing education with preventing outbreaks on campus. Some universities have switched to entirely remote learning, others are providing in-person classes. The Daily Pennsylvanian has developed a map that is tracking the Fall 2020 plans for 350 colleges across 50 states. Each college is being tracked for its policy decision in offering classes remote, in-person, or a hybrid of learning. With 350 college policy decisions collected to date, the map isn’t a comprehensive look at the state of all higher learning institutions in the U.S. Users can fill out a form on the The Daily Pennsylvanian‘s web page to add or update information about a college.

The data about Fall decisions is displayed on an interactive map using Datagraph. An overview maps provides a color coded view of the state of U.S. colleges. Further down the page, you can select individual states from a drop down to see more detail about colleges in that state. Hover the cursor over any dot to see a popup with detail about that particular college’s policy decision. Click on the dot to keep the popup on the screen. A source link is included with each policy decision.

Visit: Mapping U.S. colleges’ fall 2020 plans