Sydney based start-up MapWheel, founded by Russell Bolden and Jesse Little have launched their personalised toposcope product on crowd-funding platform

The premise of their idea is that toposcopes, as commonly found at look-outs are extremely interesting and informative but why contain them to lonely mountain tops? A “MapWheel” as they have branded them is meant to be a decorative and sentimental piece that you display in your home. “Rather than pointing out features in the landscape like traditional toposcopes, a MapWheel can include all those locations that are important and meaningful to you” Russell said. “Friends and loved-ones don’t seem so far away when you know the exact direction and distance to them. A MapWheel can also be a great conversation starter as you might include places you’ve travelled and where significant life events have taken place, like where you ran your first half-marathon.”

Russell and Jesse have been avid followers of Kickstarter for a number of years now so when it was time to launch their product, they couldn’t think of a better way to do it. “It’s taken a couple of years to get to this point.” Jesse said. “The web-application that allows you to create your personalised MapWheel was quite a complex build. We get most of the data we need from Google Maps API. We then take the image that’s created on screen and use a laser engraver to reproduce it in a range of beautiful materials. As you will see everything is working well and the finished product looks great!”.



They plan to use the funds they raise for additional laser engraving equipment and tooling for their coloured anodised aluminium MapWheel’s which are still at prototype stage. Your can checkout their project on Kickstarter: MapWheel: a toposcope customised for you.

Watch the video below for more about MapWheel: