Navigate Around Crime with RedZone

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Driving through a city you don’t know can be tough. Not only are you trying to follow new directions, but you may find yourself lost in an unsavory part of town. There is a new app that can tell you how to avoid certain areas of town based on recent crime data from the area,

We already have an extensive system of navigation apps that allow you to go from Point A to Point B, avoid congested areas, and choose a different path should you go off route for any reason. RedZone uses similar navigation tools as many of the apps you may already use. The app is driven by GPS and has real-time crime updates to steer you away from potential danger spots in a certain area. The free app is available from Apple and will soon be available for android users as well.

The RedZone app is used for navigation but has other purposes, including allowing businesses to see where there is consistently high levels of crime in an area they may be considering doing business in. RedZone is currently available in the United States and Israel, but the RedZone team is planning to expand the app to other countries around the world.


RedZone also gives users the ability to crowdsource data about crimes that have been committed in real-time. Users who witness police activity or any other crime can pin their location on the map, and the RedZone app backs this information up with local police reports. This helps contribute to the data that law enforcement and RedZone is compiling to put together to locate risky and safe areas.

The RedZone app is a new generation of GPS navigation apps that keep people feeling safe, especially if they are driving through an area they don’t know very well.




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