November 2021 Map Challenge

Caitlin Dempsey


Calling all enthusiastic cartographers.  Topi Tjukanov has announced the third annual 30-day map challenge starting November 1.  

Tjukanov launched the November map challenge in 2019 where hundreds of maps were made and shared on social media using the #30DayMapChallenge hashtag.

For those who want to browse past map challenge creations, David Friggens (@dakvid) set up a map gallery where visitors can see all the maps submitted using the hashtag.

What is the 30 Day Map Challenge?

Each days presents a map challenge focused on a different spatial feature or topic.  

Cartographers are invited to create a map each day with the tools of their choice centered around that day’s theme. Daily themes involve working with a specific type of vector data, colors, or feature type.

List of 30 day map challenge topics by Topi Tjukanov @tjukanov.
Participating in the annual 30 Day Map challenge in November hosted by Topi Tjukanov on Twitter is one way for users to improve their cartography skills.

More detail about each day’s map challenge theme is available on the 30 Day Map Challenge GitHub page. The page also has some useful resources on geospatial tools you can use, tutorials, and a list of links to maps created during the 2020 30 Day Map Challenge.

Then tweet out that day’s cartographic creation along with the #30DayMapChallenge hashtag.  Enjoy!

Don’t Have Time to Make a Map a Day?

If making one map a day is too much, you can still participate. Just pick the days or themes that interest you and make your maps.

The goal here is to have fun mapping and expand your cartographic skills.

I Just Want to Make One Map

Inspired by the 30-Day Map challenge, the Slow Map Challenge was launched by Daniel Wood. To participate in the #SlowMapChallenge, spend one hour a week working on creating one map between October 24, 2021 and January 16, 2022.

Each Sunday, provide an update and a screenshot highlighting your progress using the #SlowMapChallenge hashtag. More on this map challenge can be accessed by visiting #SlowMapChallenge.


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