Ob River and the Irtysh River

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The Ob River is the sixth longest in the world and largest in Russia.  It is located in the western region of Siberia.  It originates in the Asian Altai Mountains and flows for 2,258 miles into the Artic Ocean (Maps of the World).

Most of the Ob basin is in the West Siberian Plain the remaining region is in the rolling hills and plains of Kazakhstan.  The Ob basin stretches across Semi-desert areas, grassland, coniferous forests, and plains.

The Ob is frozen half of the year, during the other half is heavily used for transportation.  This river is also referred to the Ob-Irtysh River due to its main tributary, the Irtysh River.

The Irtysh is 2,640 miles long.  It flows in northwestern direction through Lake Zaysan in Kazakhstan, merges with the Ishim and Tobol rivers and then with the Ob near Khanty-Mansiysk in western Siberia, Russia.

Ob River, Russia NASA World Wind, public domain
Ob River, Russia NASA World Wind, public domain

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