Oscitant Meerkat Fails to Stay Upright

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Oscitant is an adjective meaning drowsy or inattentive.  The word made its way into the English language from the Latin ōscitāre meaning to yawn.  The word was first recorded in the English lexicon in 1625.  

This sleepy meerkat struggles to stay alert at the Dortmund Zoo in Germany.  Sitting upright, it slowly sways from side to side before jolting awake.  Seemingly back to being alert, it’s only a matter of seconds before the oscitant meerkat’s eyes once again grow heavy with sleep.  Over and over, the meerkat succumbs to its drowsiness, only to be startled awake by its body falling to the side.  Meanwhile, the meerkat in front manages to stay on high alert, barely blinking its eyes.  The sleepy meerkat finally succumbs and fold its head into its chest for a good snooze that not even the jostling of nearby meerkats can disturb.





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