Biogeography is the study of the geographical distribution of plants and animals.

Unique Features of the Australasian Geographic Zone

Elizabeth Borneman

Australasia is a unique geographical and ecological zone compromised of Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and other small islands nearby.

Bristlecone pine forest in Great Basin National Park. Photo: USGS, public domain.

Island Biogeography of the Great Basin

Rachel Quist

The theory of island biogeography is one of the explanations as to why speciation occurs.

Line in the Sand – How the Same Species Differ Across Borders

Caitlin Dempsey

A study from the University of Haifa looked at differences between rodent, reptile, and ant lion species in Jordan and Israel.

Bothriocyrtum californicum (California Trapdoor Spider). Photo: Davefoc, MediaWiki Commons, CC BY 3.0

Biogeography of the Californian Trapdoor Spider

Caitlin Dempsey

Californian trapdoor spiders are found in a wide range of habitats and climates, ranging from hot, dry cresote bush scrub to cool montane red fir forests, and wet coast redwood forests.