Environmental Geography

View of the Manu'a Islands with the volcanic islands of Ofu and Olosega (background), and Ta'u (foreground). Image, NPS, public domain

A Guide to the Geography of U.S. National Parks

Caitlin Dempsey

Find out the answers to geography trivia questions and more in this article about the geography of U.S. National Parks.

A view of tall eucalyptus trees in a forest.

The Role of Secondary Forests in Reducing Atmospheric Carbon

Mark Altaweel

Secondary forests play an important role in carbon capture strategies aimed towards reducing atmospheric carbon.

Southern California neighborhood scarred by wildfire. Photo: Jon Keeley, USGS Western Ecological Research Center. Public domain.

Study: More U.S. Homes Burn in Grassland and Shrubland Fires than Forest Wildfires

Caitlin Dempsey

A new study in Science reports that in the United States, grassland and shrubland fires tend to be more extensive and burn more houses than forest fires.

Two maps of the Los Angeles area showing changes in nitrogen dioxide over time.

Mapping Air Pollution in the United States

Mark Altaweel

NEMO and TEMPO are two scientific endeavors aimed at producing hourly air pollution maps of the United States.

A flooded street with buildings in the background.

Rising Sea Levels and Human Migration

Mark Altaweel

Researchers predict that by 2100 between 17 to 72 million people will migrate as a result of coastal land loss due to sea level rise.

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