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NASA’s Earth Observatory has launched this year’s Tournament Earth in order to see which image will be crowned the best image of the year.  Thirty-two images are up for voting in four categories: Data, Art, Event, and Photograph.  Voting is open from March 2 through April 6, 2015.  Each week, there will be a new round of voting that will ultimately decide the image of the year:

They face off on the frozen tundra and in the searing deserts. They meet high in the stratosphere and in the depths of the ocean. They clash on the remotest of islands and in the brightly-lit urban centers. They are the best and brightest of Earth’s stars, and they meet again in friendly international competition.

There are eight Earth Observatory images competing in each bracket.  Apparently, you can have too much of a good thing; the Canary Islands which won the first two Tournament Earth competitions has been retired.

For those remote sensing geeks that want to set up an office pool, there is also a a blank bracket (PDF) you can download to keep track of the results.

To vote in Tournament Earth 3.0, go to:



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