The Rhathymia is in Force With These Dogs

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A lack of energy or attention is the definition of rhathymia.  The word, rarely used in English, stems from the Old Greek rhāithȳmía, meaning easiness of temper, amusement, indifference.  Although rarely used in English, the word first entered into usage only in 1921 with the works of American journalist, Paul Elmer More.  The word has more usage as a psychological term meaning “a factor which predisposes a person towards light-heartedness and freedom from worry”.

This video shows dogs in the state of the first definition.  Typically, we think of dogs as pretty exuberant beings.  Dogs gett pretty excited about walks, play, and food. These listless dogs, however, just seem to have lost their pep.  The idea of a walk, playing with other dogs, or even eating just isn’t enough to rouse them from their rhathymia.



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