Senators’ STATEments

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National Geographic as part of their kick-off for this year’s Geography Awareness Week, asked all one hundred senators from the fifty United States to draw a map of their state by hand.  The request dovetailed into this year’s theme of “Get Lost in Mapping: Find Your Place in the World“.  Each senator was only asked to draw their state from memory, but they were also asked to label and annotate three points of interest on their map.  Only twelve senators from eleven states (Georgia was the only state where both senators returned maps) actually took part in the challenge.  Democrats responded slightly better (total of seven senators) than Republicans (five responded).  What does this say about the remaining 88 senators’ sense of geography or of their support of geography in education?   Of course, Al Franken, whose original parlor trick of drawing the lower 48 states from memory was one of the senator’s taking part.  Later on, at the urging of Alaska Senator Mark Begich, Franken also added Alaska and Hawaii.  Senator Mark Begich, apparently one to put his money where his mouth is, was also one of the senator’s contributing to the challenge.

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