air pollution mapping

Map within ArcGIS Pro showing the results of a calculation of which populations are at risk of air pollution in Florida.

How to Use ArcGIS Pro to Determine the Population Impacted by Air Pollution

Jeff Oppong

Learn to estimate air pollution's impact on people with geospatial methods using ArcGIS Pro and data from Toxic Release Inventory, Worldpop, and ArcGIS Hub.

Outline map of the world showing changes in nitrogen dioxide levels shaded from dark teal to dark red.

Measuring Nitrogen Dioxide Levels in Urban Zones using Geospatial Methods

Mark Altaweel

Earth observation and geospatial techniques have improved the ability to measure nitrogen dioxide at ground level.

Monitoring Air Pollution with Sentinel-5P

Mark Altaweel

Sentinel-5p will be one of the first satellites that provides high resolution pollution monitoring and will provide a large data capture that enables daily and even hourly monitoring.

Mapping Air Pollution

Caitlin Dempsey

Pulling real time data from the city government of Madrid, Into the Air is a project led by Nerea Calvillo (along with ...