artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Was Used to Discover a New Nasca Line

Caitlin Dempsey

Researchers tested out the use of artificial intelligence to assist with finding new Nasca lines.

Tracking Lost Dogs with Their Nose Prints

Elizabeth Borneman

A new Chinese Artificial Intelligence startup called Magvii is working on new technology that could help reunite lost pets and their owners.

When AI Goes Wrong in Spatial Reasoning

Mark Altaweel

Machines can learn ‘wrong’ or biased information, creating large problems and poor conclusions when it comes to spatial data.

Geospatial Artificial Intelligence: Emerging Trends and Challenges

Mark Altaweel

There are both challenges and opportunities that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has in applying geospatial and GIS knowledge that also addresses issues of time and spatial bias.

Researchers are Using Machine Learning to Better Predict Weather Patterns

Caitlin Dempsey

The enormous amount of data from Earth-observing satellites is pushing researchers to use machine learning to mine the information and improve climate models.