Augmented Reality

Connected vehicles. Photo: US Department of Transportation

Augmented Reality and Computer Vision in Navigation

Mark Altaweel

The use and field of AR and computer vision are rapidly changing in how these technologies are being used in navigation.

Recent Developments in Spatial Analysis and Computer Vision

Mark Altaweel

Computer vision offers spatial analysts the possibility to conduct a variety of analyses without using traditional spatial tools.

Augmented Reality and the Digital Map Revolution

Rebecca Maxwell

Groundbreaking technology called augmented reality is affecting digital maps, changing how we find and discover the world around us.

WhatWasThere – Augmented Reality

Caitlin Dempsey

WhatWasThere is an augmented reality application that features a growing online database of geolocated historical photos.  You can search for photos ...

The map-based search page emphasizes the geographic information available for many of the images.

Seeing Philadelphia’s Past in Augmented Reality

GIS Contributor

Guest article by Deborah Boyer and Andrew Thompson. For over 140 years, the City of Philadelphia has been taking pictures ...