The current US Exclusive Economic Zone is delineated by yellow outlines. As of January 2021, 53 percent of the United States' ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes waterways were unmapped. Map: NOAA Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping.

53% of U.S. Ocean, Coastal, and Great Lakes Waters are Unmapped

Caitlin Dempsey

According to a new report by the United States' federal Interagency Working Group on Ocean Coastal Mapping, 53 percent of the country's ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes water is still unmapped.

Satellite Mapping of the Great Barrier Reef

Rebecca Maxwell

For the first time, a complete bathymetry high resolution (30 meters) bathymetry map is available of the Great Barrier Reef. The map was produced by remote sensing company, EOMAP using satellite data and imagery.