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California Red-legged Frog Photo Credit: G. Fellers, U.S. Geological Survey

Using Song Meters to Count Frog Populations

Elizabeth Borneman

Conservationists use cameras, acoustic sensors, and audio recording devices to count the red-legged frog in Watsonville Slough, Santa Cruz County.

Open Source Big Spatial Data with GeoMesa

GIS Contributor

Bob DuCharme, a technical writer with CCRi, writes about how open source GeoMesa can help users with managing large spatio-temporal datasets. GeoMesa can stored petabytes of GIS data and serve up tens of millions of points in seconds.

Strava has captured over 400,000 bike trips a year in Oregon.

Big Data, GIS, and Bikes

Rebecca Maxwell

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has set a precedent for public agencies across the country with the purchase of ...

Strava heat map showing the opular running and biking routes in San Francisco.

Creating a Global Heat Map from 41.5 Million Runs

Rebecca Maxwell

Strava, a GPS running and biking application, recently released a detailed global heat map of popular routes across the globe. The map contains over 160 million activities with 375,000,000,000 data points.

How Spatial Big Data Underpins Smart Cities


Underpinning any smart city program is trusted geospatial information; one single source of reliable, location-specific data.