Building under construction.

GIS and Building Safety

Mark Altaweel

Both during the construction phase, and after, building safety can be better modeled and understood using GIS.

GIS and BIM Integration in Infrastructure Design and Construction

GIS Contributor

The latest advancements in geospatial services are making changes in the AEC industry. BIM for infrastructure design helps improve the workflow and saves valuable data through every stage of the process. Read about how GIS and BIM integration will transform these industries.

View of a section of Berkeley, California from the Fast 3D City Model Generation, Christian Früh.

Automatic Acquisition of 3D City Models


This concept paper on the automatic acquisition of 3D city models was written by Venugopalan Nair who is the Senior Manager of Geo Spatial Services at SBL.

BIM – Information and Management


Building information modeling (BIM) is a managed approach to the collection, creation, collation and exchange of shared intelligent and structured ...