Human Geography

Great Wall Even Greater

Infra-red and GPS technologies has helped provide the most detailed measurement of the Great Wall of China, increasing the official to now 8,850km (5,500 miles).  Previous measurements were based on historical records and have been proven to underestimate the total length.  Read more: Great Wall of China ‘even longer’  – […]

Human Geography

Geo-censorship in China

Some readers of National Geographic in China had trouble reading the May issue (dedicated to China) because some of the pages were glued together.  A couple of the maps (on pages 44-45) showing disputed border areas with India and Pakistan and distribution of ethinic minorities (pages 126-127) were apparently glued […]

Human Geography

China’s Instant Cities

National Geographic has a fascinating perspective on Chinese boomtowns developing along coastal areas.  Many Chinese are migrating from the countrysides to these manufacturing towns as part of the biggest human migration in history.  The article opens with the rapid design of a 21,500 square foot factory complete with worker dormitories […]