citizen science

NASA is Expanding its Worldwide Landslide Data Catalog Using Volunteers

Caitlin Dempsey

NASA has developed Landslide Reporter as a way to collect as much information as possible about landslides from citizen scientists from around the world.

“Adopt A Pixel” to Help Landsat Science

Katarina Samurović

Adopt A Pixel program has existed for quite some time - from 2013 - in the form of a web service which allowed users to upload geospatially tagged landscape images to complement the remote sensing collections.

Mapping the Progression of Invasive Species with Crowdsourced Data

Olivia Harne

Researchers have mapped out approximate 48,510 harlequin ladybird (Harmonia axyridis) sightings – all obtained through participation of the public – over the course of a decade.

The blank pink shaded area on the left shows the geographic information available for Kibera before the crowdsourced effort by Spatial Collective filled in geographic data (right).

How Users are Helping to Map Kenyan Slums

Kevin Wisher

One of the latest ongoing, user-generated mapping projects involves the mapping of slums in Kenya.