convolutional neural networks

Automated Remote Sensing of Underground Features

Mark Altaweel

Below ground mapping can now better utilize remotely sensed data to create more accurate maps.

Using Crowdsourcing and Deep Learning to Map Human Settlements

Mark Altaweel

Machine learning techniques are being used to map new urban and land use patterns that were previously difficult to detect using crowdsourcing data.

Using Satellite Imagery to Map Obesity Rates

Mark Altaweel

One study recently looked at about 150,000 high resolution satellite images of cities in the United States along with census data of these areas in order to understand obesity rates in the built environment.

Geospatial Artificial Intelligence: Emerging Trends and Challenges

Mark Altaweel

There are both challenges and opportunities that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has in applying geospatial and GIS knowledge that also addresses issues of time and spatial bias.

Future of Mobile Spatial Applications and Image Recognition

Mark Altaweel

Image recognition software and algorithm development is likely to be increasingly applied with spatial applications.

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