coral reefs

Colorful tropical fish swim underwater around a reef.

Mapping Coral Reef Health with Sound

Mark Altaweel

Scientists use AI and passive acoustic monitoring to map coral reef health by analyzing ocean sounds.

Warming ocean waters stress corals and cause coral bleaching. Colonies of “blade fire coral” that have lost their symbiotic algae, or “bleached,” on a reef off of Islamorada, Florida. Photo: Kelsey Roberts, USGS. Public domain.

Warmer Ocean Temperatures are Bleaching Coral Reefs

Mark Altaweel

Higher ocean temperatures, along with overfishing and pollution, are leading to more coral bleaching events.

An old submerged ship's wheel covered in corals.

History of Artificial Coral Reefs

Katarina Samurović

Researchers have found success in using submerged ships and other artificial structures to help build coral reefs.

A photo of a white coral taken underwater.

Geography of Coral Reefs

Katarina Samurović

Learn about how coral reefs are formed, their growth, distribution, and the looming threats they face from environmental changes.

Help Map the World’s Coral Reefs

Elizabeth Borneman

NASA has invited video game enthusiasts and people with a scientific bent to help them map the world’s coral reefs.

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