crowdsource GIS

An example of map vandalism where this area of farmland was given a network of non-existent roadwork by a user. Example from OpenStreetMap, CC BY-SA 2.0

Efforts to Combat Map Vandalism in OpenStreetMap Data

Mark Altaweel

Map vandalism is the deliberate wrong change or update to map data, such as adding an incorrect name for a street or place.

Community Involvement in OpenStreetMap

Mark Altaweel

While we often assume that the OpenStreetMap (OSM) community is primarily made up of individuals, large corporations are increasingly active in the development of OSM.

A LIDAR tree profile.

Help Identify Tree Stems from Drone Data

Caitlin Dempsey

The Tree Mapping project uses crowd sourcing to accurate identify tree stems from laser scanning point cloud data acquired via UAV.

Using Crowdsourcing and Deep Learning to Map Human Settlements

Mark Altaweel

Machine learning techniques are being used to map new urban and land use patterns that were previously difficult to detect using crowdsourcing data.

“Adopt A Pixel” to Help Landsat Science

Katarina Samurović

Adopt A Pixel program has existed for quite some time - from 2013 - in the form of a web service which allowed users to upload geospatially tagged landscape images to complement the remote sensing collections.