crowdsourced mapping

You Can Help the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team With Its Research on Crowdsourced Damage Assessment

Caitlin Dempsey

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team recently launched three formal research experiments on crowdsourced damage assessment and is seeking volunteers interested in participating.

MapSwipe screenshots.

Swipe Through Satellite Data to Help Map Vulnerable Populations

Elizabeth Borneman

MapSwipe and its team of digital volunteers utilize the abundance of smart phone technology to gather more information on natural disasters and the impact they have on people, cities, and countries around the world.

The blank pink shaded area on the left shows the geographic information available for Kibera before the crowdsourced effort by Spatial Collective filled in geographic data (right).

How Users are Helping to Map Kenyan Slums

Kevin Wisher

One of the latest ongoing, user-generated mapping projects involves the mapping of slums in Kenya.

Philanthropic Mapping

Elizabeth Borneman

Learn about how philanthropic mapping is helping to develop geographic data for needed areas around the world.