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Image of a screenshot from QGIS with arrows leading from different GIS file formats to QGIS.

Open Geospatial Standards

Mark Altaweel

The creation of geospatial standards is critical for sharing data among different technologies and industries.

Image by Incorrect POIs lead to inaccurate ETAs

Last-Mile Problem: Achieve Pinpoint Accuracy With Hyperlocal Maps

GIS Contributor

Curated points-of-interest of a hyperlocal mapping and routing solution enable enterprises to lower cancellations and achieve higher map accuracy.

Selected examples listed in this article illustrating why spatial data quality matters. Image: Joseph Kerski

Ten Reasons Why Spatial Data Quality Matters More Now Than Ever

Joseph Kerski

Geographer Josephy Kerski writes about 10 key reasons why geospatial data quality matters.

How to Check Your GIS Data

Noam Rozenfeld

GIS manager Noam Rozenfeld discusses the significance of error-checking in GIS data and evaluates Esri's ArcGIS Data Reviewer.