data visualization

This map shows city locations symbolized based on population sizes using graduated circles. Map: Caitlin Dempsey

What are Graduated Symbols in GIS?

Caitlin Dempsey

Graduated symbols is one way of visualizing data that can be quantified on a map in GIS.

GIS and Digital Humanities

Mark Altaweel

GIS significantly influences digital humanities with a spatial focus, increasingly important for various humanities scholars.

UK housing construction volume.

Visualizing the Impact of Gentrification

Liam Oakwood

Graphic designer Herwig Scherabon has developed a book visualizing the impacts of gentrification in a number of cities in the United States and United Kingdom. Combining public access data and research with crisp visuals, Scherabon illustrates the spatial distribution of gentrification and examines the different issues at play.

This 17th century road strip map was created by John Ogilby as part of his 1675 Britannia Atlas. The map shows the route from London to Winchester via Staines, Reading and Basingstoke.

Early Data Visualization Pioneers

Elizabeth Borneman

RJ Andrews created DataViz based on his collected notes to provide readers with insight into five of the earlier pioneers of data visualization.

Visualizing American Migration Without a Map

Caitlin Dempsey

As a cartographer, the display of spatial information is of great interest to me.  I’ve been particularly intrigued by analysts ...

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